Snow Tiger Comfort

Innovative racing bob sled using a modern design and modern light construction for a children's seat for your little one
  • Elegant and colorful alternative to any wooden sled
  • Ergonomically shaped, safely surrounding supports for small children,   including three-point belting with snap lock
  • Stainless steel runners and broad running surfaces ensure fun   sledding in the snow
  • The elasticity and pliability of the sled adjust to the shape of the   country
  • Anti-slip seat, surrounding handles and profiled foot rests over the   front runner ensure safety in every position
  • Made of high-quality, cold- and light-resistant plastic

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  • High density polyethylen
  • TPE seat cushion
  • Stainless steel skids
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 105x54x47 cm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg
  • Dimension incl. packaging (WxHxD): 110x48x45,5 cm
  • Weight incl. packaging: 10,1 kg
  • Dimension europallet (WxDxH): 120x245x97 cm