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Reusable drinking cup based on PLA (polylactide - colloquially lactic acid) to relieve the environment and reduce plastic waste that is difficult to degrade. The cup is perfect as an advertising medium.


Added value

  • the cup that enables sorting by type - free of printing inks, foil, etc.

  • KHW's internal deposit system for the recovery of raw materials


B2B partner

With the CUPITO, we offer a reusable solution for municipalities, event organisers and clubs that are not directly affected by the reusable obligation that came into force on 1 January 2023, but want to set a good example and rely not only on reusable but also on renewable raw materials


  • PLA (polylactic acid) instead of PP (polypropylene)

  • Same properties as conventional PP

  • Consisting of 100% renewable raw materials e.g. sugar cane

  • 100% biodegradable 

  • Industrial composting possible
  • Can be 100% integrated into existing circular economy (sistema dual)

  • Production of the basic material has a negative CO2 balance



Up to four standard colours possible. (More on request)



accessories (available from September 2023)

Lid - fits both cup sizes, one colour for all variants (similar to RAL 300 50 05 Falcon Grey)

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